Free rental valuation

You're tired of dealing with landlords who don't care about your property's condition. Or you want to ensure your property is worth as much as it should be. Let us help you achieve that goal.

Marketing service

We offer a complete marketing program that includes all your property listings. Let us take care of marketing for you.

Lease documentation

As a landlord, you might be concerned about collecting rent and handling the maintenance and upkeep of your property. Let us take the hassle for you! Livay Properties makes that process simple. We collect rent on your behalf, transfer the balance to your bank account every three months, and handle the rest.


We pay for all the services your property needs and take care of all your expenses, from the garden, pool maintenance, all government, semi-government, municipal taxes, and others.

Analytical statements

We provide rental management real estate companies with analytical reports that include rent due, occupancy rate, vacancy rate, revenue per unit, the total number of units, and average rent per unit. We also provide analytical statements on average rent, gross income, and net income.

Inventory management

We do the Check-in of new tenants by our staff, including checking the inventory and providing a full condition report. We also introduce tenants to all appliances in the house and offer a complete service that might be required.

Transfer utilities to tenant names

We do all utility service transfers for tenant names to utility accounts. We will also change your contact info if you request it.

Regular maintenance

You know your apartment will always be safe and cared for with us. We'll regularly check to ensure your apartment is kept secure and well-maintained. We'll provide regular reports and service calls, so you can know your home or apartment is being cared for properly.

End of lease terms and conditions

We manage Checking tenants out at the end of the lease and agreeing with the tenant the costs of any losses or damage to be deducted from the deposit. Organizing and managing any work required

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