Which place is better for living: Limassol or Athens?

When it comes to urban living, there are many factors to consider. Each city has unique qualities, from the cost of living to the food scene. In this article, we will compare living in Limassol and Athens to help you decide which place is better.

Cost of Living

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a place to live is the cost of living. In this aspect, Limassol and Athens have similar prices for necessities such as groceries and utilities. However, Limassol has a higher cost of housing compared to Athens. According to Numbeo, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Limassol is €600, while in Athens it is €400. This difference in housing costs may be a deciding factor for those on a budget.

Limassol vs Athens - City comparison

Food Scene

Both Limassol and Athens have a vibrant food scene, with a mix of traditional and modern cuisine. Limassol offers a variety of seafood dishes due to its coastal location, while Athens offers a wide range of Greek and Mediterranean dishes. However, Athens has a more diverse food scene with influences from different cultures, making it a foodie's paradise. Additionally, dining out in Athens is generally cheaper than in Limassol, making it a more budget-friendly option for food lovers.

Housing Options

When it comes to finding a place to live, both Limassol and Athens offer a variety of options. In Limassol, you can find a mix of modern apartments and traditional houses, while Athens has a mix of apartments, houses, and even villas. However, finding a house for rent in Limassol may be easier compared to Athens, as there is a higher demand for rental properties in Athens due to its larger population

House for rent in Limassol

Properties for Sale

If you are looking to buy a property, both Limassol and Athens have a range of options to choose from. In Limassol, you can find a mix of new and old properties, with prices ranging from €150,000 to over €1 million. In Athens, the property market is more diverse, with a mix of apartments, houses, and villas in different price ranges. However, it is worth noting that the economic crisis has affected the property market in Athens, resulting in lower prices compared to Limassol.


In conclusion, Limassol and Athens have unique qualities that make them great places to live. While Limassol may have a higher cost of living and housing, it offers a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. On the other hand, Athens has a more diverse food scene and more extensive housing options. Ultimately, deciding between the two cities will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Have you lived in Limassol or Athens? Which city do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments.